Lo spazio poetico del confine

  • Giovanni Tuzzolino


The contemporary Sicilian landscape expresses in itself all the contradictions of the present time. In recent years, the lack of a true culture of conservation and consistent thinking on the transformation of places has contributed to increasing the degradation of small centres (already heavily compromised by an unstoppable phenomenon of abandonment) and has almost completely deprived the countryside (already deeply involved in the late urban expansion and yet excluded from production processes) of clear aesthetic processing. We remind that this condition of degradation generally crosses the entire Italian territory, whose cultural context, heavily influenced by economic and social crises, has increasingly exasperated the decay of the landscape, whether urban or rural. In this regard, it seems very interesting to reflect not only on the relationship between human-landscape but above all on the importance of taking care of the physical present, on the need to return to a respectful inhabit of the places, starting with the rules of civil coexistence.

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Tuzzolino, G. (2017). Lo spazio poetico del confine. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 32(2). Recuperato da https://and-architettura.it/index.php/and/article/view/216