Porta Reale

Una nuova piazza per Noto

  • Morana+Rao


A large stone floor and an extended seat set the order of the space on the base of the monumental entrance arc to the Baroque town, erected in 1838 in honour of the visit to Noto by King Ferdinand II of Bourbon. The large floor, surfaced with limestone, creates the abstract and essential vacuum condition to bring out the crucial historical monument without interferences. The bench, fixed on the floor as the only element of furniture, confers order to the space with its 16.50 meters and stays, along its perimeter, the diffused light system that radiates the surface of the square.

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Morana+Rao. (2017). Porta Reale: Una nuova piazza per Noto. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 32(2). Recuperato da https://and-architettura.it/index.php/and/article/view/217