Il progetto IJ

Nuove architetture, nuove connessioni urbane, nuovo landscape

  • Simone Zurli Università degli Studi di Firenze
Parole chiave: urban design, paesaggio, waterfront, connessioni urbane


The city of Amsterdam develops for the most part along the south bank of the IJ canal; the population has evolved over time, thanks to the colonial past, of strong multiculturalism, also characterized by citizens from both Europe and Africa who tend to give the city a dimension of great socio-cultural openness. The municipality is divided into eight autonomous districts and has the following articulation: Centrum, Noord, Oost, Zuidoost, Zuid, West and Nieuw-Westand Westpoort; the city enjoys particular powers with respect to the others not only because it is the capital, but also because of its regional character and because it is the heart of the nation’s high finance.

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Zurli, S. (2020). Il progetto IJ: Nuove architetture, nuove connessioni urbane, nuovo landscape. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 37(1). Recuperato da