Resilient communities / Comunità resilienti

  • Alessandro Melis Università di Portsmouth


The Italian Pavilion, like the genome, is a jungle populated by strange creatures. Therefore, through this configuration, its design aspires to embrace the complexity of the reality surrounding us. The physical and chemical, living and inanimate components of the atmosphere make our reality fragmentary, chaotic and, at times, incomprehensible. Moreover, its fluctuations force each individual to take an active role. According to Stephen J. Gould and Elisabeth Vrba, disorder results from the diversity, variability and redundancy of creative structures, such as the genome and the human brain, which give organisms their resilience.

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Melis, A. (2021). Resilient communities / Comunità resilienti. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, (39). Recuperato da