Padova: Laboratorio di resilienza

  • Daniela Luise
  • Cinzia Rinzafri
  • Giovanni Vicentini


Climate change affects the whole territory extensively with different phenomena of varying intensity: floods, flooding, and heatwaves show how the environment is compassionate and can no longer cope with the environmental pressures it had managed to establish a good balance in the past. Moreover, the high waterproofing rate exacerbates, even more, the problems expressed by rising temperatures, worsening the manifestations and causes that generate externalities linked to flooding phenomena and heat accumulation.

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Luise, D., Rinzafri, C., & Vicentini, G. (2021). Padova: Laboratorio di resilienza. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 39(1). Recuperato da