L’albero dell’Architettura

  • Maurizio Oddo


Tree and Architecture. Even today, the theme remains one of the central nodes of architectural design. If it is true that any circumstance on our planet has plants as its protagonists - at the beginning of every story, there is a plant, according to Stefano Mancuso - architecture is no exception. In addition to the continuous interaction between nature and culture, the tree of architecture exhibits a possible frame of reference, oriented towards the Mediterranean component: The schools - underlines Louis I. Kahn - begins with a man under a tree who, without knowing he is a teacher, expounds his thought to others who do not know they are the students. He concludes: Schools are beautiful but superficial as architecture because they do not reflect the spirit of the man under the tree.

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Oddo, M. (2021). L’albero dell’Architettura. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 39(1). Recuperato da https://and-architettura.it/index.php/and/article/view/336