Verso il Mediterraneo

Sezioni del paesaggio da Salerno a Reggio Calabria

  • Antonio Ottomanelli


Along State Road 18, on the way to Reggio Calabria, at the highway junction of Pizzo, the road crosses the railway viaduct. A small torrent runs and crosses fields of orange groves and quietly reaches the sea at its foot. Ten years ago, I was here for the first time. Today, in the shadow of the viaduct pillars, the stalls selling food have become local products hypermarkets. I photographed it in his military character, expressed in colossal forms.

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Ottomanelli, A. (2017). Verso il Mediterraneo: Sezioni del paesaggio da Salerno a Reggio Calabria. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 32(2). Recuperato da