La poetica del frammento

Architettura in Sicilia

  • Antonino Margagliotta
  • Giovanni F. Tuzzolino


Perhaps because Sicily is a fragile land, the idea of the ‘fragment’ is recurrent in its architecture. If the origin of the term frag-mentum is synonymous with that of weak, fragility and fragment, these terms can constitute the paradigm that describes Sicily and its architecture. The fragility is added to by the fact that Sicily is a land that has been plagued by earthquakes, domination, conquests, and rebellion and has thus created a profoundly layered and extensive history; as a result, the architecture (alike fragments) can piece together events and express the complex and contradictory nature of the landscape.

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Margagliotta, A., & Tuzzolino, G. F. (2017). La poetica del frammento: Architettura in Sicilia. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 32(2). Recuperato da