Retorica trasparente

A2RC Architects, Centro Congressi SQUARE, Bruxelles

  • Alfredo Cisternino


Monts des Arts, the public heart of the twentieth century Bruxelles, bears the marks of late-colonial monumentality (Congress Palace) and postwar policy for the reconstruction of the central areas with speculative outcomes, known as brutalization. From these characters, A2RC Architects derive the concept for an intervention winner of a competition held in 2000, an intervention up-grading the public space of the garden renovated by René Pechère and of the Esplanade Arts, creating new congress and exhibition spaces.

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Cisternino, A. (2011). Retorica trasparente: A2RC Architects, Centro Congressi SQUARE, Bruxelles. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 20(2). Recuperato da