Conservare e raccontare

  • Antonino Margagliotta


A conscious culture of the project is formed through the knowledge of the contemporary landscape (including the urban one) and of architecture, understood as a place of elaboration for the rediscovery of the sense of living. The bases of this process are in reading and interpreting the existing space, and subsequently proceed towards the attribution of meaning (which sometimes places have lost or never possessed), finding the specific qualities that are responsible for the aesthetic and ethical value of the space. Through the restoration of the church of San Biagio in Cammarata, the project defines a space redeveloping action that proceeds in the way of the critical valorization of the existent place, and in the consciousness that architecture always wants to express its roots to history and places, city and landscape.

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Margagliotta, A. (1). Conservare e raccontare. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 32(2). Recuperato da

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